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Share login information securely over the Internet We've all done it... We need to share our password with someone else, and so we copy/paste it into an email, and hit "Send." However, if your email account (or the email account of the person you are emailing) is ever compromised, then the hacker can easily search your email archive for sensitive login information you or others have shared by email in the past. I recommend a much more secure... [Read the full article]
iPhone In the 1990's and into the beginning of the 21st century, the average web development agency would construct a website to fit monitors with screen resolutions of 640 pixels wide by 480 pixels high, or possibly 800 pixels wide by 600 pixels high. Everything from the layout to the images, to the font size would be selected to match this "desktop experience" of the end user... because, well...... [Read the full article]
Many of my clients have one or more sections in their website where they post new information. These could be blog entries, news items, events, etc... When new content is created, wouldn't it be awesome if it would be automatically emailed out to an email subscription list? This way, the audience doesn't have to manually re-visit the website to consume this fresh content. At the end of the day... [Read the full article]
I recently redesigned the website for Golden Hills Pest Control here in Sacramento, and it has been a joy working with the owner, Warren Tator. He originally found me by doing a Google search for Drupal developers in the Sacramento area. The old site was built on Drupal 6.x, and I built this one on Drupal 7.x. I integrated the website with the Payments Gateway API to allow for seamless... [Read the full article]
I had the pleasure of meeting Brad & Matt Martin of Subway Truck Parts, Inc. (Sacramento, CA) when they requested my help to optimize the their website for search engines. First, I provided an in-depth keyword analysis using Google's Keyword Tool. This helped us achieve those search terms and phrases to optimize the website for. Second, I implemented various search engine optimization (SEO... [Read the full article]
I use Drupal for most of the websites I develop for my clients because.. well.. it's an awesome CMS! It's flexible, supported, extendable, user-friendly, and secure. Something is brewing in the Drupal community, and it's known as Spark. What I'm especially excited about is the Edit module (part of Spark), which will allow for true WYSIWYG editing of website content. Here's a video of what I'm... [Read the full article]